This project’s main goal is to provide a simple interface to doing open science, and aims to as much as possible automate conducting and adhering to open scientific practices. Currently, the target audience is biomedical or health researchers.

Current specific goal:

  • Create a website of the package. This website will contain:
    • Information on contributing
    • An opinionated manifesto on doing open science


Timeline of milestones and deliverables

Deliverable or milestone Deadline Completed
CRAN submission of next version May 13th 23rd, 2018 DONE
Participating in Mozilla Global Sprint May 10th, 2018 DONE
Package website put up May 8th, 2018 DONE
Manifesto completed (at least with main points) May 1st, 2018 DONE
Contributing document completed March 28th, 2018 DONE
Issues organized and categorized March 14th, 2018 DONE


If you want to contribute, check out the contributing guidelines and the project boards for areas to help out with.